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Latest News:

Code Red - The latest zero day vulnerability, the Heartbleed Bug in the OpenSSL cryptographic library. Affects tech providers using OpenSSL's 1.0.1 and the 1.0.2-beta release.

Platform Updates:

Version 1.2: Intrusion Detection

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Managed Security Services Defend your customer's sensitive information..

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Managed Security Services

Defend your customer's sensitive information.

Managed Security Services

  • Identify weaknesses in the security of your sensitive information.
  • Automated scans of security measures.
  • Regular Tracking and Monitoring.
  • Identify security vulnerabilities.
  • Defend your customer's sensitive information.
  • Mitigate risks.
  • Your information security partner.

Vulnerability Scanning with reports: (bi-monthly)

Network Scans

  • Nmap Port Scans.
  • OpenVAS Scans.

Web Scans

  • Nikto Web Scans.
  • SSL Security Checks.
  • SQL Injection security scans.

CMS Apps

  • Wordpress Security Scans.
  • Joomla Security Scans.
  • Drupal Security Scans.

SIEM - Security Information and Event Management

Customised SIEM.

PanoSec provides a flexible and robust SIEM program that collects event, threat, and risk information. The SIEM identifies unwanted behaviours and provides complete intruder visibility in real-time for your business.

Multi-Purpose SIEM.

The PanoSec SIEM solution integrates event, log and asset management with an Intrusion Detection System.

Flexible and bespoke.

Deployed to deliver optimal results across a myriad of applications.

IDS - Intrusion Detection System.

Understand and visualise uninvited activities in your systems!

The PanoSec Detection System (IDS) monitors your IT environment and alerts you the PanoSec intrusion detection team of any suspicious activity.

Continually Updated with the latest technology.

Each day there are new malicious threats to your business.

Our platform receives regular updates to help ensure threats are identified, reducing false-positives. Only real issues will trigger alerts.

Respond to Attacks

PanoSec can help you implement a plan for when an alarm is triggered. Fast and effective response!

Security Log Management System

Log collection and monitoring is now essential for different compliance regulations, integrating this with PanoSec SIEM tools is a proactive measure that can help quickly remediate security incidents.

Managed Antivirus Software

  • Advanced global cloud-based antivirus management system.
  • Content filtering.
  • User policies.
  • Flexible endpoint security.
  • Keep all of your devices secure.
  • Block malicious websites.
  • Access control for specific sites for some or all employees.
  • See live status of all systems.
  • Cross platform protection for Microsoft, Mac Products, mobile devices, and your virtualisation platforms.
  • Active firewall capabilities.
  • Anti-malware scans.
  • Data protection policies.
  • Alert on the movement of your sensitive data.
  • Real-time notifications.