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Code Red - The latest zero day vulnerability, the Heartbleed Bug in the OpenSSL cryptographic library. Affects tech providers using OpenSSL's 1.0.1 and the 1.0.2-beta release.

Platform Updates:

Version 1.2: Intrusion Detection

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Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking Cyber Security

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Introduction to Ethical hackers & Penetration Testing

penetration testing & ethical hacking

Ethical Hackers use penetration testing as a tool for identifying vulnerabilities of a particular system, application, network, or process. They Exploite those vulnerabilities to demonstrate that the security mechanisms can and will fail. PanoSec will provide evidence of having entered and exited your IT Networks.

Ethical Hackers
Hired by companies to perform penetration tests
Penetration test
Attempt to break into a company’s network to find the weakest link
Security test
More than a break in attempt; includes analysing company’s security policy and procedures
Vulnerabilities are reported with suggested solutions

Penetration Testing Models

White Box model

Tester is told everything about the network topology and technology.

Black Box Model

Company staff does not know about the test and the tester is not given details about the network. This ultimately tests if your current systems are able to detect an attack. Which provides actionable results for the business.

Our Working Processes

  • Ensure we have a signed "Letter of Authority". We will always sign any non-disclosure or terms and conditions you may have.
  • Encrypt any data obtained within the investigations our end. To ensure your data is not compromised.
  • Log all of our actions for your reference.
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