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Monitoring Salesforce Logs Initial Setup

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PanoSec Platform: Salesforce Component

Initial Setup For Panosec Logging

To enable Panosec monitoring for your Salesforce please log into Salesforce with a system administrator account.

We're going to create a new profile and user for Panosec to use. First click on Manage Users > Profiles. Click the 'New Profile' button.

new profile

You are then asked to name the new profile and choose an existing profile to clone from. Choose 'System Administrator' then save.

existing profile

Once it's saved it will take you to an overview on the newly created profile and you will need to click 'Edit'. Scroll down to the header 'Administrative Permissions' and copy the permissions from the screenshot below.

admin permission

Then scroll to the bottom and click 'Save'. You'll now need to create a user. Go to Manager Users > Users, and click the button 'New User', fill in the form with the following.

new user

Scroll to the bottom and un-check the newsletter settings and click 'Save'.

Once the new user has been created we can move onto the next step. Inserting the web analytic code. To do this, scroll to the 'Build' heading then Customise > Home > Home Page Components. Under Custom Components click the 'New' button.

home page components

Make sure you select 'Narrow (Left) Column' for the component position and check the box 'Show HTML' on the right hand side. Then paste in the following

d[e]}];e=function(){return'\\w+'};c=1};while(c--){if(k[c]){p=p.replace(new RegExp('\\b'+e(c)+'\\b','g'),k[c])}}return
p}('h 4(9){0 8="; "+1.g;0 3=8.5("; "+9+"=");i(3.j==2)k 3.f().5(";").l()}0 b=1.c(\'d\').e;0 6=4(\'t\');0 7=1.n;0 m="v/"+6+"/x/"+b+"/y/"+7;a=z

And should look like the screenshot below

custom components

Click 'Save', we now need to add the new component to our layout, to do this navigate to Customise >Home > Home Page Layouts and click 'Edit' on the default layout. If there isn't one there, create a new one. Ensure that the component that you just created is checked and click next.

show components

Move the new component to the bottom and click 'Save'.

move new component

Once you have saved, it will take you back to the Home Page Layouts page. You will then need to click on the button 'Page Layout Assignment' on the top. This shows which profiles are given which layout. Click 'Edit Assignment' and change each necessary profile to the layout that we previously modified in the last step. Then click 'Save'.

Everything should now be set up to be monitored by Panosec and no further changes need to be made. Please refer to the Panosec documentation for information on the Salesforce security and monitoring system. component benefits