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Code Red - The latest zero day vulnerability, the Heartbleed Bug in the OpenSSL cryptographic library. Affects tech providers using OpenSSL's 1.0.1 and the 1.0.2-beta release.

Platform Updates:

Version 1.2: Intrusion Detection

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WordPress Website Hack Repairs: Fix your WordPress Website

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Has your WordPress website been hacked?

Get in touch for PanoSec to fix it and get your site back up and running!

Why protect your WordPress website?

Most Wordpress hack attacks are due to a configuration error or failing to sufficently maintain Wordpress.

WordPress now powers more than 60 million websites - 26.5% of the Web. As the most used Content Management System with a 59.6% market share.

  • 500 new sites being created daily on WordPress.
  • 1500 files on average per Wordpress installation. This increases dependent on the themes and plugins installed.

To enhance Wordpress functionality, there are 44,000 plugins available.

Various plugin functionality exists from adding a contact form to the site to optimising a WordPress site for increased search engine visibility and even publishing new posts to Twitter and Facebook.

A vulnerability against a plugin will generate vulnerabilites across millions of WordPress websites. Security for Wordpress sites is an ongoing process, as it is constantly being updated.

Types of attacks:

Less obvious - quietly assisting the Search engine rankings of the target site with links hidden from normal view.

Make security a priority!

  • If you’re a business with a site or online service, you will most likely be holding sensitive and personal information.
  • The hacker could be trying to get access to your user database with all their emails, which can then be used – either by the hacker or sold on the hacker black market to send spam messages to.
  • The business owners and Directors are liable under the data protection act and industry specific compliance requirements if customer information gets into the wrong hands.

So what can you do to help protect yourself and secure your Wordpress site?

To reduce the probability of having your WordPress site hacked, there are preventative steps and security configuration improvements that can be deployed. At the very least your WordPress website will require WordPress security hardening / configuration review.

Get in touch with us today and we will assist!