The Complete GDPR Checklist for 2022
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Complete GDPR Checklist & GDPR Policies

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At PanoSec we make products that take the headache out of GDPR to make it easier for you to become compliant.

Microsoft Excel & Google Sheets is used by everyone, everywhere for a multitude of tasks, from use as a simple calculator to a tracker for large projects.

We found, however, that within the GDPR compliance sector there was not an Excel workbook / Google Sheet that could be used as a full capacity tool to complete the process, so we decided to create it!

The end result is a complete GDPR compliance checklist which includes templates to use for policies, notifications and processes, ultimately, it is the complete DIY tool for GDPR.

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GDPR Journal

What is the Data Protection Act 1998?
Sep 29, 2022

The Data Protection Act 1998 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that regulates the processing of personal data. The Act regulates how data can be used and how it should be stored.

Data Protection Act 2018 Explained
Sep 29, 2022

The Data Protection Act 2018 has been designed to provide a clearer and more up-to-date set of rules for organisations to follow when processing personal data.The new legislation brings together the current data protection framework, which was made up of sector-specific legislation that has been in place since 1998, with some updates and changes.

Article 30 - Record of Processing Activities - what should it contain?
May 5, 2021

The Record of Processing Activities serves to enable an organisation to have a clear picture, internally, of processing activities as well as providing evidence to authorities as how to data is being used.

When do you need to conduct a DPIA?
Feb 19, 2021

Under Article 35(1) of the GDPR companies and organisations are required to conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment where their processing activities are likely to result in high risk to the rights and freedoms of data subjects. The DPIA should be done BEFORE processing begins, in line with the principles of data processing by design and default

Article 27 - the EU Representative
Jan 25, 2021

Almost three years into the GDPR, companies, by now, understand they have to be GDPR compliant but they don’t always know that if they are a Non-EU company falling under the scope of GDPR, that does not have an enterprise in the EU, they will probably need an EU representative to be in place, as provided by Article 27.

Brexit - what happens to data flows now?
Dec 30, 2020

A temporary solution has been agreed between the UK and EU to allow data flows to continue for a period of up to six months following the United Kingdom’s departure. Data transfer arrangements currently in place will continue for this defined period while it is being decided whether the UK will be given ‘adequacy’ status.

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