The Complete GDPR Checklist
All GDPR Tasks + Sample Templates Included
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Complete GDPR Checklist & GDPR Policies

Our Complete GDPR Checklist in Excel format enables you to visualize every step of the GDPR process.

All the tasks have been created for you and are presented in an easy to use sequential format - a full GDPR roadmap for you to follow in a logical way. In effect the roadmap acts as a do-it-yourself GDPR tool.

With it, you are able to track the progress of all your GDPR compliance tasks against deadlines and milestones.

All the hard work has been done in terms of offering you an interactive framework to work is then up to you to simply follow the roadmap!


PanoSec GDPR Products

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What we do

At PanoSec we make products that take the headache out of GDPR to make it easier for you to become compliant.

Microsoft Excel is used by everyone, everywhere for a multitude of tasks, from use as a simple calculator to a tracker for large projects.

We found, however, that within the GDPR compliance sector there was not an Excel workbook that could be used as a full capacity tool to complete the process, so we decided to create it!

The end result is a complete GDPR compliance checklist which includes templates to use for policies, notifications and processes, ultimately, it is the complete DIY tool for GDPR.

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GDPR Journal

GDPR Consent Checklist for the Processing of Personal Data.
Nov 7, 2019

Consent within GDPR relates to you as an organisation clearly stating what a data subject is agreeing to and what rights that have when they agree to their personal data being processed.

Maintaining GDPR Compliance Through Record Keeping
Nov 6, 2019

The GDPR requires that you keep continuous records of activities within your organisation and you need to ensure compliance is being maintained by regularly updating them.

GDPR No Deal Brexit
Nov 4, 2019

If the UK leaves the EU in a “No-Deal Brexit”, the UK will drop to "3rd country status" with no adequacy decision awarded.Under the GDPR, personal data can only be transferred to third countries in compliance with the conditions for cross-border data transfers set out in Chapter V (Articles 44 to 50, GDPR).

GDPR Data Audit
Nov 4, 2019

Conducting an organisation wide data audit to find out what personal data is being held, where and by whom. Once the data audit is complete, you should have a clear idea of what data your organisation keeps and how it is being used.

Types of Hacking Attacks and What to do about it
Aug 31, 2019

Most security breaches are performed by people inside the organisation running the target system. The most comprehensive software security configuration in the world means nothing if someone can approach your machine and boot a USB containing exploit code.

The Flame Virus
Aug 31, 2019

Flame was a game changer for malware threats. It became an instrumental tool for cyber attacks. Sophisticated threats will mean the requirement for sophisticated proactive security and an agreed robust international legal framework. Otherwise Governments will continue to evolve and use their Cyber weapons. At the very least these attacks are a wakeup call for all businesses nationally as well as internationally to adhere to compliance standards that will help protect their business and customer data.

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