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Microsoft Excel 2007-2019
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Small Business GDPR Checklist
8 tabs
  • Start guide
  • Dashboard for checklists (length: 272 rows)
  • team members list - add your team
  • Controllers Checklist (length: 1033 rows)
  • Information Security Checklist (length: 629 rows)
  • Records Management Checklist (length: 350 rows)
  • Data Sharing and Subject Access Checklist (length: 293 rows)
  • No Deal Brexit Checklist (length: 78 rows)
Link to resources folder:
  • 62 Folders
  • 167 Files
Consisting of:
  • Templates
  • Notification Forms
  • Business Processes
  • Network Discovery Tools
GDPR compliance small business checklist in excel
If you use Microsoft Excel, you can manage your GDPR Compliance with almost no learning curve by downloading the GDPR Small Business Checklist in Excel.

Microsoft Excel is instantly familiar, so everyone on your team “gets it” and hits the ground running.
Gives you the ability to see every step of your project from beginning to end.

Our Small Business GDPR Checklist in Excel for lets you visualize every project step.

All of the small business GDPR compliance required tasks are created for you in an easy to use sequential format - A GDPR roadmap!

Track the GDPR Compliance task's progress against deadlines and milestones.

All the hard work has been done just follow the roadmap!

Monitor GDPR Compliance - Total Visibility of your GDPR Compliance. You and your team will know exactly where you are at with GDPR Compliance.
Great communication tool.

Big time savings & Improved results
Automatically measure compliance.
Anything that is measured improves.
Automatic success indicators (Completion ticks and completion %).
Easily delegate tasks to team members via the team members drop down.

Easy performance monitoring
Reduced stress Increased productivity: Know where to improve compliance.

Reduce risk of fines
Reducing gaps in your GDPR Compliance.
Business areas divided into separate tabs.
Gannt chart specific to GDPR compliance management.
Parent and child tasks.
Numbered tasks - (Work Breakdown structure).
Tasks with comments to assist your further to prevent additional searching on a topic.
Visualize Task dependencies.
Link to sample templates.
Assign resources via Task Lead.
GDPR Compliance Status Column - colour coded.

Ensure Compliance
Evidence Link column provides a link to your documents.
Divided into GDPR Milestones.

Start - End dates
Edit green cells -Add a start date and how many days you think it will take . You can change this as often as you like. This will automatially generate for you the working days, days complete and days remaining.

Current date indicator

Task process indicators
Task duration days illustated as bars within date range.

One-Time Payment: GBP £299

Purchase & Download
If your small business requires GDPR compliance checklists for HR, CCTV on your premises, direct marketing and additional tasks for data processors it is recommended to purchase theComplete GDPR Compliance Checklist
Additional tabs included in the complete GDPR Compliance Checklist:
GDPR Compliance Checklist: Employment
GDPR Compliance Checklist: CCTV
GDPR Compliance Checklist: Direct Marketing
GDPR Compliance Checklist: Processors
One-Time Payment: GBP £299