GDPR Managed Services

The GDPR Checklists are meant as a "do it yourself" solution to help you obtain GDPR compliance. Some businesses request PanoSec to work through the GDPR checklists on their behalf.

PanoSec provides a wide range of GDPR services to help customers gain a comprehensive view of their GDPR compliance status.

Organisations can become proactive and understand their risks and with their business operations follow through with privacy by design principles via an experienced GDPR expert.

If you ‘re having trouble answering any of the questions below, a GDPR managed service might be a sensible course of action.

Are we able to measure and demonstrate GDPR compliance?
Do we have the processes and resources to support access requests from individuals to delete data in accordance complying with GDPR compliance?
Do we have the appropriate level of consent and have we GDPR compliant data privacy notices?
Are we prepared for a data breach? Do we follow a set process for data breaches?
Do we have up to date records of all data processing activities?
Do we incorporate privacy by design into our technical systems?

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