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GDPR Website Compliance Policies

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GDPR Sample Policies:
  1. Cookies Policy (length: 4307 Words, 42KB)
  2. Privacy Policy (length: 9007 Words, 72KB)
  3. Terms of Use (length: 924 Words, 27KB)
Additional Files:
  1. Readme file
  2. Questions for policies
  3. Instructions GDPR Website Policies
  4. Robots text file rules
  5. Background reading on cookies
Your website will require a Privacy Policy that is GDPR compliant. The privacy policy outlines how your organisation collects personal data and why. Your organisation may collect customer name and email addresses as part of a sign-up process with you. Also, your organisation may obtain their address and billing details to implement an online transaction.

GDPR ready templates for use with Google & Facebook Ads

GDPR protects your website visitors from any 3rd party technology that uses their data such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and customer service chat tools.

Amongst other activities these technology companies collect IP addresses, locations and online behaviour will have to be stated and justified. The Privacy policy template will assist with GDPR compliance as much of the work has been done for you.
 A cookie policy under GDPR informs your users which cookies are present on your website, user data collected via the cookies and the geographical flow of data.

GDPR compliant policies required if you do any website marketing.

The cookie policy also informs how your website visitors can opt out of cookies via your website. The detailed GDPR Cookies policy template is a stand-alone policy and is not combined with other website policies.

GDPR cookie policy requirements·   

Type of cookies
Duration of cookies on user’s browser
Data tracked via cookies
Cookies purpose (functional / non-functional)  
How long they persist on your user’s browser      
What data they track
Where the user’s data is sent
Instructions to reject and change status of cookies  

Also included is the terms of use policy. Under GDPR this is an optional policy which helps explain legal terms when using the application. Implementing a terms of use policy will help your organisation address any GDPR inconsistencies. This policy will help GDPR compliance with an additional layer and also acts as an opportunity to address application use. 

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